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Turkey: 60 BBR control systems for the Bursa metro system


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BBR Verkehrstechnik in Bursa: The Turkish train manufacturer Durmazlar has ordered 60 train monitoring and control systems of type PZB222 for new vehicles of the Bursa metro system. Turkey's fourth largest town has been working with us since 2009. The latest in a total of four orders has now been received with a volume of over two million euros.

As part of the expansion of the metro system fleet in the Turkish town of Bursa, we are now supplying PZB222 safety systems for 60 new as well as 22 old vehicles. The multi-function system serves to monitor the speed and control the train: if a train passes a "Stop" signal or exceeds the permitted speed limit, an automatic braking system is triggered. Safety specifications relating to its position on the track are taken into account in the process. Coupling coils on the train and track exchange information, for example on the speed or inclination of the track. Using these data as well as individual vehicle properties, the system calculates a braking curve to match the situation. Display units keep the driver continuously informed on his target and actual speeds.

The system is easy to use: it is compatible with models of other manufacturers and there is no need of separate IMU equipment for the reporting level.

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The Bursa metro system had already received the vehicle equipment for 30 trains in 2012. A further twelve old vehicles equipped with PZB222 were commissioned in 2015. There are also currently four signal boxes of type SIL.VIA from BBR in operation – and a train control computer of type ZLR-800 in the central control room controls rail traffic. "This order from Bursa which is now the fourth, shows that our systems are proving their worth", says BBR Managing Director, Frank-Michael Rösch, with satisfaction.

Bursa is the fourth largest town in Turkey with a population of around 2.8 million. There have been several extensions since the metro system first opened in 2002. Today, the network comprises a distance of 39 kilometres, 38 stations and currently over 90 trains – and the number is rising. The industrial metropolis is constantly expanding and local public transport is growing in importance.

The coupling coil on the track sends information to the vehicle on its speed.