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IT-TRANS 2016: Succesful presentation in Karlsruhe


Interactive, dynamic, informative

At the IT-TRANS 2016 from 1st to 3rd March in Karlsruhe, we presented our modular passenger information system MOFIS® for the first time, including the ARIANE software at its heart. “For us, the Fair was very successful”, said Frank-Marc Siebert, Head of Passenger Information. At our stand, visitors had the chance to discover the components of the extensive MOFIS® portfolio – including the multimodal mobility platform MOFIS® MEDIA.MIP.

The international trade fair in Karlsruhe set a new record in its fifth edition with 5.000 professionals from more than 60 countries. “That is, what makes this fair so special”, said Siebert. “Remarkable is, that most of our visitors came purposeful to our stand to talk about concrete projects.”  Two big topics were addressed at the train technology specialists stand from Brunswick – ARIANE and MOFIS®

ARIANE – the central data hub

With ARIANE we presented our software that can serve as a central data hub for dynamic passenger information. It has an integrated database and calculates departure time predictions. If desired, it can send these from a central point to the display media at stations as well as to other systems such as the data hubs of transport associations. The calculations are based on location information about the vehicles, which the software retrieves from ITCS systems, signalling centres or coupling coils and then evaluates in combination with travel time lists and schedules. For the exchange of information, ARIANE supports the common VDV standard interfaces (VDV452, VDV453, VDV454 and VDV461).

The software is highly scalable, allowing it to be optimally customized to the individual requirements of any transport company. In its full version, ARIANE can serve both as a DPI server and a data hub, or it can be deployed as a pure DPI system or just as a hub. Besides ARIANE, the MOFIS® software portfolio includes the MOFIS® operating module manager and the MOFIS® operating manager. This creates a direct interface between operations personnel and the MOFIS® system. The MOFIS® MEDIA product family is rounded off by multifaceted passenger information displays in LED, TFT and LTN-LCD technology as well as solar-powered and interactive touch systems.


The most innovative display in the MOFIS® MEDIA family is the multimodal mobility platform MOFIS® MEDIA.MIP. With a touchscreen of up to 46 inches in size, the full-HD display provides interactive services to the passengers of public transport networks: dynamic passenger information, connection searches, announcements, touristic and hotel information, and active indoor directions. The information is available in several languages, can be zoomed and, thanks to the text-to-speech function, is accessible barrier-free. BBR optimized the ease of use of the unit based on the recommendations of a usability study commissioned by VDV. The unit has already been installed at multiple locations in Cologne and Stuttgart, and installations for the Rhine-Ruhr transport association (VRR) and the Swiss operator TPC are being worked on.

The MOFIS® MEDIA family

To complement its ARIANE software, BBR Verkehrstechnik has developed several display media. The family of displays includes:


Up-to-date information at stations through interactive touch displays.


Full-HD display for indoor and outdoor use.


Displays customized to the client’s needs combined with special super-bright yellow LEDs.


Energy saving displays (including solar-powered), independent and environmentally friendly.