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BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH


We have exhibited successfully in the US market

We are entering the US market through an alliance. We have had a partnership with United Rail Inc. since January 2016, and we exhibited for the first time in the USA at the "Railway Systems Suppliers 56th Annual C & S Exhibition" in Grapevine, Texas at the end of June. We have already enjoyed success in Canada on our own for some time. We recently won the order to equip a new 13 kilometre stretch with signalling in Edmonton/Alberta.

There is a lot of potential for innovative solutions from medium-sized companies in the North American rail market. With United Rail as our partner, we have now found a way into this business. We showed our portfolio for the first time at the suppliers' fair in Grapevine, Texas. "We are very excited to see where the partnership takes us. We know we have strong products which will prove themselves in the exciting US market", says Managing Director Thomas Bergmann, looking confidently into the future..

The North American market is a major challenge for outsiders", Norwin Voegeli, President and CEO of United Rail, reports, but he believes we are well prepared to meet it. In the USA, freight transport by rail is particularly important, and in urban regions, local passenger transport is a heavily politicised area. We have strong solutions in our portfolio for both scenarios. With innovative products and years of experience in international markets, we are ready for the challenges in America and Canada. "We made a strong first impression and had a lot of interesting discussions in the course of the fair. There is a lot of interest in our ideas", states Bergmann, drawing a positive conclusion from the experience.